About Us

The Brazilian Association of Soybean Growers (Aprosoja Brasil) is a non-profit representative organization made up of rural producers linked to soybean cultivation. Its central objective is to unite and value the rural productive class.

The entity is located in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, maintains an open communication channel with Brazilian soy producers through 16 state associates located in the main soybean producing states of the country.


To guarantee competitiveness and sustainability of soy production in Brazil.


To be the legitimate representative association of Brazilian soy farmers, recognized for its leadership, positive results and relationship with the soy producer associates as well as with the public and private sectors.

Core Values:

Ethics – We practice equality between members by promoting collective assistance and benefits, information integrity with clear governance rules;

Transparency – We promote clear and objective information release of our work to associates in an accessible manner, with financial austerity;

Respect for private property – We stand up for full legal security of rural activity;

Enhancement of associations – We encourage the strengthening and establishment of rural associations and cooperatives;

Professionalism – We work as a team, with commitment and sincerity;

Democratic Management – We encourage the participation of all associates in the institution’s decisions;

Social and Environmental Responsibility – We stand for sustainable development based on scientific criteria and responsible production practices.

Organizational culture:

Aprosoja Brasil does not act on the individual responsibilities of the producers: its action is oriented to always occur in favor of the collective, developing actions and strategies that can benefit soybeans in Brazil.

His work is proactive and aims at changes and improvements in laws, decrees and regulatory frameworks, as well as seeking to maintain active participation in the formulation of agricultural policy. Whenever possible, it works in partnership with other entities to ensure that public and private institutions fulfill their role in the production chain, respecting existing laws.

Its management model is based on Work Committees – discussion forums coordinated by board members and professionals in specific areas. It interacts with producers through state associations, providing work that meets the needs of Brazil.

Strategic objectives:

Strengthen the entity through effective interaction with soy producers, strategic management of their resources and financial autonomy.

To strengthen the image of production and rural producers as fundamental agents of social, economic and environmental development.

To work for the reduction of Logistic Costs in order to allow the flow of agro-industrial production to consumer markets in Brazil and in the world.

Strengthen Cooperativism and Associativism as alternatives to improve income to the producer through the gain of scale and aggregation of value.

Articulate for the creation and improvement of Agricultural Policies aimed at improvements in credit, marketing and income of the producer.

Promote best practices in Agricultural Production, monitoring quality and cost of inputs and promoting the use of technology, focusing on efficiency and competitiveness.

Work to build a public and private governance guaranteeing sustainability in social, economic and environmental terms.