The Brazilian Association of Soy Producers (Abrasoja) was founded on March 11, 1990, by the initiative of producers from different regions of Brazil in the face of a period of difficulties experienced by the sector. This led to the release of the document “Alert to the Nation”, which endorsed the renegotiation of the producers’ debts and the enhancement of the rural sector.

The entity was renamed in 2001 to Aprosoja, and in 2004 it definitely became Aprosoja Brasil.

With the creation of Aprosoja Mato Grosso in 2005, and the expansion of production in the Midwest region, Aprosoja Brasil was restored in 2007 and began to lead the main agendas of soybean farmers nationwide once again.

Among them, we highlight the work related to the renegotiation of rural producers’ debts, the approval of the new environmental legislation in the Congress, and the improvement of transport infrastructure in the benefit of the flow of agricultural production and its logistics.

Moreover, the entity played a key role in strengthening the Farming Parliamentary Front (FPA) and in the creation of the Soy Productive Chain Sector Chamber, linked to the Ministry of Agriculture.

During these years, with pragmatism, professionalism, responsibility and commitment to the sustainability of the national soybean, the association has secured a special role in representing producers from different regions of the country.



1990 – Aprosoja Brasil

2005 – Aprosoja – MT

2007 – Aprosoja – MS, PI, BA, PA and RS

2008 – Parliamentary Front of Agriculture’s emergence

2009 – Aprosoja – RO

2013 – Aprosoja – PR, GO, MA e TO

2014 – Aprosoja – SC

2015 – Aprosoja – AP, RR

2017 – Aprosoja – SP

2018 – Aprosoja – MG